Office of Water Performance Measure Context Database

All OW Measures for FY 2009-2011

ACS CodeMeasure Key Words
SDW-211Population served by CWSs
SDW-SP1.N11CWSs meeting safe standards
SDW-SP2“Person months” with CWSs safe standards
SDW-SP3.N11Population served by CWSs Indian country
SDW-SP4aCWSs and source water protection
SDW-SP4bPopulation and source water protection
SDW-SP5Tribal households safe drinking water
SDW-18.N11American Indian and Alaska Native homes safe drinking water
SDW-1aCWSs with sanitary survey
SDW-1bTribal CWSs with sanitary survey
SDW-2Data for violations in SDWIS-FED
SDW-3Lead/Copper Rule data in SDWIS-FED
SDW-4DWSRF fund utilization rate
SDW-5DWSRF projects initiated
SDW-7Class I, II, and III wells with mechanical integrity
SDW-8High Priority Class V wells
SDW-11DWSRF projects small PWS
SDW-12DWSRF dollars small PWS
SDW-13DWSRF loans disadvantaged communities
SDW-14PWS serving fewer than 500 persons
SDW-15Small PWS with repeat health based violations
SDW-16Average return to compliance time for small PWS
SDW-17Schools and childcare centers meeting safe standards
SDW-19aVolume of CO2 Sequestered
SDW-19bPermit decisions resulting in CO2 sequestration
FS-SP6.N11Women and mercury blood levels
FS-1aRiver miles fish consumption advisory
FS-1bLake acres fish consumption advisory
SS-SP9.N11Beach days safe for swimming
SS-1CSO permits schedules in place
SS-2Public beaches monitored
WQ-SP10.N11NPS-impaired waterbodies restored
WQ-SP11Remove causes of waterbody impairment
WQ-SP12.N11Improve water quality with watershed approach
WQ-SP13.N11Ensure wadeable stream conditions
WQ-SP14a.N11Show improvement in Tribal waters
WQ-SP14b.N11Water quality in Indian country
WQ-SP15Reduce Tribal households lacking sanitation
WQ-24.N11American Indian and Alaska Native homes basic sanitation
WQ-1aStates/Territories adopted nutrient standards
WQ-1bStates/Territories on schedule to adopt nutrient standards
WQ-1cStates/Territories supplying performance milestones
WQ-2Tribes water quality standards approved
WQ-3aStates/Territories with updated water quality criteria
WQ-3bTribes with updated water quality criteria
WQ-4aStates/Territories water quality standards revisions approved
WQ-5States/Territories adopted monitoring strategies
WQ-6aTribes implementing monitoring strategies
WQ-6bTribes providing water quality data
WQ-7States/Territories using Assessment Database (ADB)
WQ-8aTotal TMDLs
WQ-8bTMDLs developed by States
WQ-9aNitrogen reduction
WQ-9bPhosphorus reduction
WQ-9cSediment reduction
WQ-10NPS-impaired waterbodies restored
WQ-11NPDES follow-up actions completed
WQ-12aNon-Tribal NPDES permits current
WQ-12bTribal permits current
WQ-13aFacilities covered by MS-4 permit
WQ-13bFacilities covered by industrial storm water permit
WQ-13cFacilities covered by construction storm water permit
WQ-13dFacilities covered by CAFO permit
WQ-14aPOTWs SIUs control mechanisms in place
WQ-14bPOTWs CIUs control mechanisms in place
WQ-15aPercent major dischargers in SNC
WQ-15bMajor Dischargers on impaired waters in SNC
WQ-16POTWs comply wastewater discharge standards
WQ-17CWSRF Fund utilization rate
WQ-19aHigh priority state NPDES permits
WQ-19bHigh priority EPA NPDES permits
WQ-20Facilities providing trading
WQ-21Impaired segments restoration planning complete
WQ-22aRegions completed HWI Strategy
WQ-22bStates completed HWI components
WQ-23Rural Alaska homes drinking water and wastewater
WQ-25aUrban water projects initiated
WQ-25bUrban water projects completed
CO-222.N11Improve coastal aquatic system health
CO-SP16Maintain aquatic health – Northeast
CO-SP17Maintain aquatic health – Southeast
CO-SP18Maintain aquatic health – West Coast
CO-SP19Maintain aquatic health – Puerto Rico
CO-SP20.N11Ocean dumping sites acceptable conditions
CO-2Coastline miles protected vessel sewage
CO-3NEP priority actions completed
CO-4Rate of return federal investment for NEP
CO-5Dredged material management plans in place
CO-6Active dredged material sites monitored annually
CO-7Maintain aquatic health – Hawaii Region
CO-8Maintain aquatic health – South Central Alaska
CO-432.N11NEP acres habitat protected or restored
WT-SP21.N11Net increase wetlands achieved
WT-SP22No net loss of wetlands
WT-1Wetland acres restored and enhanced
WT-2aStates and tribes that have increased capacity in one or more core elements
WT-2bNumber of core elements developed by states and tribes
WT-3404 permits with greater environmental protection
WT-4States wetland condition trend has been measured
GL-433.N11Improve health - Great Lakes ecosystem
GL-SP29Reduce PCBs in Great Lakes fish
GL-SP31Restore Areas of Concern (AOCs)
GL-SP32.N11Remediate cubic yards of contaminated sediment
GL-5Beneficial Use Impairments (BUIs) restored
GL-6Nonnative species in Great Lakes ecosystem
GL-7Multi-agency rapid response plans, exercises, actions
GL-8Beaches meeting bacteria standards
GL-9Acres invasive species control
GL-10Native species self-sustaining in wild
GL-11Wetland and upland acres protected, restored, enhanced
GL-12Coastal, upland, and island acres protected, restored, enhanced
GL-13Species delisted due to recovery
GL-14Great Lakes AOC management actions
GL-15Phosphorus loadings from tributaries
GL-16Great Lakes acres with USDA conservation practices
CB-SP33.N11Chesapeake Bay SAV restored
CB-SP34Chesapeake Bay dissolved oxygen attained
CB-SP35Bay nitrogen reduction practices implemented
CB-SP36Bay phosphorus reduction practices implemented
CB-SP37Bay sediment reduction practices implemented
CB-1aBay point source nitrogen reduction
CB-1bBay point source phosphorus reduction
CB-2Bay forest buffer planting goal achieved
GM-435Improve health – Gulf of Mexico ecosystem
GM-SP38Impaired water segments and habitat restored
GM-SP39Gulf Acres restored or enhanced
GM-SP40.N11Reduces hypoxic zone Gulf of Mexico
GM-1Warning system to manage algal blooms
LI-SP41Reduce Long Island Sound nitrogen
LI-SP42.N11Reduce Long Island Sound hypoxic zone
LI-SP43Restore Long Island Sound coastal habitat
LI-SP44Re-open river and streams for fish passage
PS-SP49.N11Increase acres of Puget Sound shellfish areas
PS-SP50Remediate Puget Sound contaminated sediments
PS-SP51Restore acres of Puget Sound estuarine wetlands
MB-SP23BOD loadings removed Mexico Border
MB-SP24.N11Safe drinking water homes Mexico Border
MB-SP25.N11Wastewater sanitation homes Mexico Border
PI-SP26Pacific Islands population served by CWS
PI-SP27Pacific Islands treatment plans with BOD limits
PI-SP28Pacific Islands beach days open for swimming
SFL-SP45Achieve no net loss in South Florida stony coral
SFL-SP46Maintain health of South Florida sea grass
SFL-SP47aFKNMS CHLA and light clarity levels
SFL-SP47bFKNMS nitrogen and phosphorus levels
SFL-SP48Improve Everglades water quality
SFL-1Florida Keys sewage treatment
CR-SP52Protect Columbia River wetland habitat
CR-SP53Clean up Columbia River contaminated sediments
CR-SP54Reduce Columbia River contaminants