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12/18/2014 IEc is seeking a firm or consultant to assist with the identification of measures that Superfund sites in the Southeastern U.S. could implement to reduce their climate change vulnerability. This work would build upon an analysis that IEc recently performed to rank Superfund sites in the region with respect to their climate change vulnerability. This assessment considered several variables, including but not limited to proximity to vulnerable populations, expected changes in storm intensity, sea level rise, and the vulnerability of site remedies to flooding, drought, or sea level rise. To expand upon this work, IEc is seeking a firm or consultant to identify climate change vulnerabilities common to the 10 sites with the highest climate change vulnerability rankings and to identify options for reducing these vulnerabilities. Any measures to reduce vulnerability may be considered, including engineer approaches, planning or logistical measures, or operations and maintenance changes to site remedies. The review of measures to reduce vulnerability will also consider conditions under which a specific measure would be effective to reduce climate change vulnerability and conditions under which it would not be effective. The successful bidder will be able to demonstrate a firm understanding of climate change adaptation issues for contaminated sites and will have experience assessing the clean-up remedies implemented at these sites. Interested parties should send a brief statement of interest, resume, and hourly rate information to MSereiva@indecon.com by 3:00 p.m. EST December 31, 2014. 12/31/2014