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IEc has been a leader in the climate change impacts and adaptation field since the publication of our ground-breaking work in the late 1990s, The Impact of Climate Change on the US Economy (Cambridge University Press, 1999). Since that time, IEc has collaborated with some of the world’s best known climate scientists, biophysical modelers, and economists to both advance the science of impact assessment and develop practical advice for policy-makers, regulators, and development institutions, ranging from the Agriculture and Environment Ministers of developing countries to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our work also contributes substantively to analysis of the benefits of greenhouse gas regulation. Key areas of focus include:

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IEc has conducted climate impact analyses in developing countries around the world, including Mozambique, Ghana, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Armenia, and Madagascar.
Numerous IEc staff specialize in this area. Please use the links on the left hand navigation to learn more about us and our services.